The Towy is a fantastic place to dabble in some kayaking. 

Those who have kayaked before may well have heard about the Towy’s wonderful scenery which are a splendid treat as you kayak down through the gorges.

The upper section of the Towy is a great introduction to white water, and is said to be at about a grade 2-3.

It’s a wonderfully scenic course, which begins right out side your door! The water is especially good in the winter months as the water levels are higher than in the summer.

Why stop there? Continue your kayaking/canoeing down from Llangadog, to Llandeilo, and then maybe on the Dryslwyn where the river opens out nice and wide.

There is a local canoeing club just down the road in Llandovery. The club meets on Thursday from 7 until 9pm at Llandovery swimming pool. So there is always the option to check in with the club before you venture out onto the open water.

Generally the river towy is a great place to practice the art of canoeing/kayaking as it’s not too difficult or fast flowing. You can always get yourself a coach for the day and have them guide you through the more tricky parts of the river as it channels.

Our accommodation was designed with active groups in mind, so no waiting to get into the shower or bath, plenty for everyone. We even have an area for you to dry off damp clothing and boots. Perfect.

Details of more activities coming soon