Dark Skies

As if we didn’t have enough to show off about at Penrhyn Barn, when the sun goes down the sky puts on a fantastic display of sparkling lights for us.

Our remote location and unique geography means that light pollution is non-existent, giving views of the night sky that are out of this world.


And the day slipped into dusk and she took his hand in hers.
‘Come’ she said. ‘Come where?’ He asked.
‘Come and experience the magic,’ she whispered. And they sat under a jeweled blanket sky as the river babbled it’s song and the creatures of the night awoke.
The otter slithered and dived.
The badger shuffled and snuffled and the ghost owl silently glided.
And they had time.
Time to laugh, time to talk, time to recall and time to dream countless tomorrows.
And the night wrapped itself around them and the magic worked its wondrous spell and when they retuned to the warming fire they felt whole again.


We are right in the Dark Skies Reserve areas - which means we are within an area that’s been granted special protection, and recognition for an impeccably clear night sky.

You can quite literally lose yourself as you look up into the universe. Make sure you check out what’s going on with the stars before you come here, and if you have a telescope make sure you bring it with you. You will not want to miss this show!

Kids just love to look up and find out more about the dark sky above us - and big kids (like us) find it fascinating too! You may catch a meteor shower, see a planet or a space station.


If you know your constellations see if you can spot the Milky Way, or more major constellations like Orions Belt, The Hunter (winter), Virgo (springtime), Pegasus (summer) and Perseus (autumn). Shooting stars are our firm favorite.

We can boast some of the darkest skies in the UK, so no light pollution from industry, nearby cities or towns.


Starry skies over Penrhyn Barn